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Snorkeling Gear For Family And Friends: What Are The Top Brands?

easybreath snorkeling mask reviewsWelcome to our snorkeling gear reviews site. We provide you with a trusted and accessible source for popular gear and provide you our unbiased reviews.

Focusing on the good, the bad, and the overpriced brands. You can read our product reviews and information articles helping you make the right decision when buying equipment.

You won’t have to bounce around from site to site. This will help you cut through all the trial and error of trying to figure out which are the best products and needing to compare them.

No surprise, there are many designs and brands of gear for you to compare. This can be confusing if you don’t know exactly what your looking for. You’ll find reviews on the top brands and models we recommend.

The latest innovative technology is the full face snorkeling mask, with thousands of enthusiastic snorkelers experiencing 180° views and easy natural breathing. It’s like breathing on land. (see video below) We also review the top brands and models of U.S. Divers and Cressi snorkel sets. If your children love snorkeling check out kids snorkeling sets and which packages are the most popular.

Snorkeling For Fun And Adventure

What a great way for your family to bonding and have an amazing experience, done with little to no equipment. This offers an easy, spur of the moment activity while near water or on vacation.

The experience of becoming a part of some beautiful underwater environments, and watching the serene life of fascinating aquatic creatures – while floating in a weightless dream like world – is what draws so many people to this hobby again and again.

Many underwater enthusiasts prefer snorkeling to scuba diving. There is less intrusion while observing the aquatic surroundings, which can lead to a more intimate encounter with the wildlife and their habitat.

Here are some of our product reviews. Comparing the top brands of gear. We have list their performance strong and weak points, design, pros, and cons, and price parameters and where to buy.

snorkeling gearThe Attraction Of Snorkeling

Even the most pristine and beautiful areas will be less than a fun experience if you have ill-fitting gear. The same design of mask and snorkel, usually a face and nose mask with a mouth grip, has always been the industry standard.

No new or different thinking was applied to the design of snorkeling gear until just recently.

Designers, and innovators set out to change the way we snorkel. Knowing the recreational sport first hand, and listening to avid snorkelers, the designers at Tribord wanted to change the norm of retro ill-fitting masks.

The old designs are hard to put on and difficult to get a proper seal without being to tight. If the mask fogs up, it is necessary to remove it and clean it or some believe spitting on the lens will also work to stop it from fogging up.

Tribord Designers And Innovations

What was their idea? A full face mask that is not only easy to put on, but will provide the best possible experience. The second criteria was to provide ease of breathing for kids, adults, novices and experienced snorkelers. A third factor, to provide a wider viewing range with no blind spots like in standard designs.

Two other important criteria for the designers was to provide a more stress-free experience and make it self-clearing of water. Also, a snorkel top, not only with high visibility color but without fear of breathing in water from submersion or choppy water.

Snorkeling And Scuba Diving

Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA) dive gear is similar to snorkel gear in principle and in that it can provide an unforgettable experience. But unlike scuba, snorkeling provides a more laid back interaction with the underwater surroundings.

However, to have a fun and enjoyable experience, some training is a good idea since most of us have learned just by doing. Obviously, if it is a disappointing experience you may not be willing to try it again.

Before you can scuba dive, you have to receive training, get certified and to know how to dive safely. Ironically, few that snorkel have received any formal training. It is more of a learn-as-you-go type of experience, possibly using older rented equipment on the first try. This can be problematic and possibly an experience that you may not want to repeat.

snorkel packagesThe Right Gear

Great gear is essential, learning how to use it and getting the correct fit for your individual face size and structure. One size does not fit all, so knowing how to size the mask and snorkel, and what to look for, will help to provide the best experience possible.

The right gear is first and foremost. If you have spent any time in the water, you will understand that statement. So the question is how to find the right and best gear for your needs, and where to start and how to know what type of design will work best.

Within the history many different designs have come and gone. The best and most enduring apparatus over the years was a mask and a separate snorkel that is held in the mouth by clenching it between the teeth.

This was the only design available but caused many to dislike the experience because the act of breathing through the mouth is not natural or comfortable. It can cause exhaustion more quickly, by causing you to breathe unnaturally and possibly more rapidly because of anxiety or uncertainty.

The most comfortable and natural way to breath is through the nose and mouth. This was impossible to do because of the design of the mask and separate snorkel. Many do not like the uncertain feeling, especially the possibility of sucking in a snorkel full of water into their lungs. Although some will have a floating ball, or a slightly angled snorkel to keep most of the water out.

However, the safest way to be sure your snorkel is water free, in case of choppy water or unknowingly diving too deep, is to reserve enough air in your lungs to blow thru the snorkel and clear it of any trapped water.

This can be a rather unnerving idea, especially for kids or beginners. Especially for one who doesn’t have a large lung capacity. So what is an alternative, is there any other technology available that takes all of this into account?

The Latest Technology In Snorkeling Masks

As needs and recommendations become easier to convey to makers of snorkeling masks and concerns with the product. Tribord, in addressing these issues, has designed a new kind of mask, it is called the Tribord Easybreath snorkeling mask.

This technology is the answer to other masks that marginally performed over the years, and offered no other choice for snorkelers. The Tribord Easybreath mask is a full face mask, meaning that it covers your entire face. The great part of this design is that you can easily breathe through your nose and mouth.

snorkeling gear for kidsAnother feature is in having the snorkel be part of the mask too. No separate snorkel to clench between your jaws. This provides a much more relaxing experience, some can compared the serene experience to watching fish and aquatic life in an aquarium.

The 180-degree view allows for a beautiful natural observation of the environment below the waves. No claustrophobic feel, like a mask that has only a forward field of vision. Many times eye nose masks impair vision on the sides, which may cause a little anxiety for those of us that deal with claustrophobia.

In reviews and questions, regarding the latest design, the best and most pleasurable experience was achieved with this innovative full face technology.

The original designers and the patent holders of the original full face mask is Tribord. It provides a panic free experience for all ages and levels of experience.

Kids Snorkel Sets

There are hundreds, if not thousands of kids sets available, ranging from the cheap sets purchased at big box stores (meant for swimming pools or bathtubs) to more professional gear sold at sporting goods stores.

It is not only important to get proper fitted sets for kids to ensure a lifelong love of snorkeling but, training them in the proper way to breath and submerge with confidence. Once panic enters the equation in a child’s experience, it is hard to gain their trust again and assure them of a good underwater adventure. Unfortunately, this fear can last into adulthood and affect any future willingness to try any type of water sports.

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