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Why Is The Tribord EasyBreath Full-Face Snorkel Mask The Best?

So what if you could breathe underwater naturally, and have a full 180-degree view while you are snorkeling, would you try it? By breathing naturally, we mean breathe like you breathe on land, through your nose.

Since snorkeling became a sport, the equipment choices have only been the mask, and the snorkel which are separate. Sometimes that meant the eye mask would have a closure over the nose attached and sometimes it would not.

The mouthpiece attaches onto your eyemask, as you hold it in your mouth by clenching your jaws in a tight position, with your lips folded around the outside on the mouthpiece. Sound uncomfortable? Try doing that for a few hours, and you can be certain your jaw will be a bit sore. So is there another choice?

How Is A Full Face Mask Different

A full face snorkel mask is the perfect experience for first-time snorkelers, or for the avid snorkeler that wants a better underwater experience and would like to breathe naturally. It is unnatural to breathe only through your mouth, think of the last time you had a head cold– it was uncomfortable. So learning to breathe just in and out of your mouth, when first learning how to snorkel can be a frustrating experience. This experience has discouraged some from ever trying snorkeling again.

But, a full-face snorkel mask is very different from the retro eye mask and snorkel. When you first put on the Tribord Easybreath Full-Face mask, you will understand the difference. No more mouth breathing, no more clenching the mouthpiece with your teeth to hold up the snorkel. It is just a simple mask that completely covers your face for an excellent underwater snorkeling experience.

And an added, and almost unbelievable benefit, the Tribord mask will rarely fog up. If you spend any time in the water with a mask on, or did even as a kid in your waiting pool, you know how they will fog up. So you may have learned to spit into your mask to keep that fog almost under control. But with the Tribord full-face mask, a foggy view of the underwater world will be a thing of the past. It is because of the particular design and the breathing system of the Tribord mask.

What To Look For In The Best Full-Face Snorkeling Mask

1. Comfortable Fit
You might not have thought much about it before, but you may be surprised to realize how much discomfort and extra work you put up with to participate in your favorite hobby. Have you put up with a mediocre or too tight fitting eye mask to keep the mask stuck firmly to your face? You know who you are if you have ever taken off the mask and had that familiar red ring around your forehead and cheeks.

However, with a full face snorkel mask, you will not have to put up with that. You also won’t have to keep surfacing to either rinse out or spit into your mask to defog it either.

2. Easy to Breathe
If you have ever snorkeled with the retro mask and snorkel, you understand what we mean about the easy to breathe perk. Sure after a while, you get it, breathing in and out with your mouth wide open, clenching the mouthpiece between your teeth. Sounds fun right? Just having your mouth in this position will give some folks anxiety, especially if you have ever sucked in a mouth full of water.

3. Foggy Len Solved
So what makes the Tribord Easybreath less able to fog up? It is the unique, patented design that clears out the air in your full face mask each time you breathe. Watch out for imitations; it is only the Tribord Full-Face model that will work this efficiently. Just as with any successful product there will be cheaper, ‘knock-offs’ of the design, it may look very similar to the Tribord but will not perform the same.

4. Dry Snorkel
A dry snorkel is one that has an automatic ball or valve type device that will close shut and not allow water to enter into the snorkel tube. If you have ever use a snorkel that was just a hollow tube and didn’t have a device inside to stop the water when under the surface, then you have used a wet snorkel.

Another perk to the Tribord Full-Face mask, it comes with a dry snorkel and is already part of the mask. A dry snorkel is one that will not allow you to breathe in a lung full of water if you are not above the water’s surface.

With the Tribord Easybreath mask you will soon discover a whole new way to enjoy your snorkeling time.

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