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Inflatable SUP

When the surf wasn’t ‘up’ the beach boys, on their longboards in the 1960s off Hawaii’s coast, began standing on their surfboards while using outrigger paddles to grab a view of any waves on the horizon. This was the beginning of stand up paddle boarding. Like all overnight sensations, it didn’t become popular until some [...]

SUP boading on the sea

What’s the newest craze in water sports, that’s actually been around since the 1960s? It’s stand up paddle boarding, (SUP). The sport caught on in popularity in the 2000s when surfers wanted to continue to train even when the ocean was too calm. So if the surf’s ‘not up dude,’ then the dudes go paddle [...]

iRocker sup

Stand up paddle boarding has become a very popular sport recently, with many people taking it up not only as an excellent recreational activity but also as a way to get regular exercise. The only equipment needed for this sport is a paddle board and a paddle. Inflatable paddle boards, commonly known as inflatable SUPs, [...]