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Snorkel Set Reviews

snorkeling combo set for kids

Kids snorkel sets have been around for years. Some of us may remember using a mask and snorkeling in the bathtub or in the kiddy pool when we were younger. No one really ever taught us how to use them, we just learned by trial and error on our own through gulps and sputters. In [...]

snorkeling sets for u.s divers

The US Divers snorkel set is a quality product, regarded by many experienced snorkelers as the top snorkeling set for adults and kids at a reasonable price. Great for beginners because of the splash top with their special Hydro-Adhesion technology that keeps water from entering the snorkel. Our personal experience on our underwater adventures revealed [...]

Cressi Snorkel Set Comparisons

The Cressi snorkel set, with Palau short fins and anti-splash dry snorkel, is one of the Cressi family’s best-selling and most popular sets. The quality and comfort easily rival the higher priced professional sets. We found the soft silicone, used to make the mouthpiece and face mask skirt, super comfortable and easy to clean. The [...]