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Cressi Snorkel Set Review: Why Are These The Top 2 Sets?

The Cressi snorkel set, with Palau short fins and anti-splash dry snorkel, is one of the Cressi family’s best-selling and most popular sets. The quality and comfort easily rival the higher priced professional sets.

We found the soft silicone, used to make the mouthpiece and face mask skirt, super comfortable and easy to clean. The shape fits securely to the mask that has two windows providing a crystal clear, unblocked view.

Cressi Palau Snorkel Set With Short Fins

Ergonomic Shape Of The Cressi Snorkel Set

The ergonomic shape of the snorkel provides the greatest comfort. This shape allows for the proper grip in the mouth, combined with a soft silicone mouthpiece makes this a popular for experienced snorkelers and beginners.

The original design of the Cressi dry snorkel provides an auto closing valve that keeps the water out when underwater or in choppy conditions. This design also allows for easy purging of any saliva or water that enters.

According to several customer reviews on Amazon, this snorkel will provide a 100% dry diving experience. Meaning kids and beginners will not have to fear sucking in a lung full of water.

Silicone Two Window Mask

The Cressi snorkel mask is a dual window mask, made of glass and not plastic. Glass is preferred because of the clarity and having a sturdier feel to them. Also, glass lenses will not scratch as easily as plastic lenses.

snorkeling around fishThis mask is not pre-treated for anti-fog, a mixture of water and dish soap squirted into the mask before using will provide excellent fog free viewing. Bringing a small amount of this mixture along on the dive, possibly in a small spray bottle, will be an easy way to reapply inside of the mask if needed.

Masks are designed to fit most faces, but not all faces are the same. Most people have no problem getting a mask to fit if they follow instructions. It’s recommended not to have hair around the mouth or around the mask area to get a good seal.

Try wetting the face mask with water and practice getting a good seal before your first snorkel trip outing with your new equipment. It is best to address any issues or concerns of sealing the fittings before your next adventure.

Dry Snorkel Anti Splash Technology

This unique technology provides confidence for beginners and kids that most other brands and models cannot give. Simply, the unique design is to stay dry when submerged or splashed by choppy waters.

The secret to dry and anti-splash technology is a floating device that closes up the snorkel to stop water from entering the tube when it is tipped or submerged.

Cressi Palau Snorkel Set Short And Long Fins

Our comparison done on the top two Cressi snorkeling sets was narrowed down to two models the Palau Short Fins and the Cressi Palau Long Fins Set.

We compared the Cressi Palau Long Fins, Focus Mask and Dry Snorkel Package and the Palau Short Fins set at Amazon because both were very high in customer satisfaction.

Cressi Palau Snorkel Set With Long Fins

The differences we found were in slight variations of the same design. Both have the dry anti-splash and ergonomic snorkel shape, with a hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece. The discharge cup is built into the long fins set which makes it easier to empty the tube of water with a small breath.

Obviously by the title they are shorter and longer fins, not really that much longer but these are designed to accommodate 3 or 4 sizes of feet to make this a family friendly gear package.

The long fins will also provide more kicking power, and are light and responsive to the wearer. They are comfortable even when worn without socks and the foot pocket can adapt to 3 or 4 different sizes so family and friends can use the same fins. The blade is light, making it effortless and is made for power.

Another difference, between the two models, is in total weight. The Palau short fins are 3.5 pounds compared to the 7 pounds of the Palau long fins. This is due to the longer fins and the multiple size foot adjustment within the fin.

Rapid Action Buckles

There were mixed reviews about the rapid action buckles on the fin straps. Some users enjoyed them and commented that they were easy to use and provided a quick release. Others said they would not lock or snap into place and would end up lost and a replacement purchase had to be made. The fin is also heavy enough to sink to the bottom and was not easy to retrieve.

snorkeling diveCressi Mesh Carry Bag

The carry bag was popular with all users. They found them great for packing, traveling and handy for letting the set dry after cleaning. It is important to  after each use. If the salt water is not washed off completely the snorkel will gum up, and could become unusable.

Tips For A Better Snorkeling Experience

  • Dish soap. Make a mild solution of dish soap and water and squirt it into the mask. Let it sit for a few moments, spill it out and let dry if possible, this will keep the glass lenses from fogging up
  • Get the flippers and mask wet with fresh water, before trying them on, it’s important to ensure a good suction before getting to the vacation spot
  • Fully tighten the mask to the face and adjust it to a comfortable fit
  • Buy a good model and brand rather than renting a set, it should pay for itself after the second use. It will also be more hygienically and appealing for some
  • Avoid blisters and provide comfort while walking on rocky beaches or in shallow water, get a pair of water socks or booties


The fin size in the men’s sets seems to run a little small. A petite person fits the XS perfectly built smaller, one comment was that the XS fit someone’s 5-year old daughter well, but no comment was found that stated the 5-year old was big or small for her age.

Cressi women’s snorkel set sizes are selected in the drop down menu when ordering on Amazon. A men’s size 2-4 is a women’s size 3-5 and labeled as XS/S, the largest women’s size set is the L/XL. A men’s 10-13 is also the same as a women’s 11-14.

Long-time users of longer fins transitioned well into the shorter fins, and most were pleased with the difference. The kick will be different with the shorter fin, especially if you are used to longer ones, but some commented that the lighter and shorter fin caused less leg and ankle fatigue.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • High quality
  • Masks run small but have a good viewing area
  • Shorter and lighter fins perfect for travel and packing on snorkeling vacations
  • Straps on mask is thin but works well
  • Easy straps on fins heels to put on and take off
  • Comfortable, feet calves never cramped
  • Light weight
  • Bag is great for travel and dries fast
  • Glass lensed mask provide high quality and visibility excellent
  • Good drainage
  • Comfortable mask with full clear unblocked view
  • Softness and flex-able
  • Good quality dry valve
  • Soft flexible mouth-piece, mouth doesn’t feel sore after several hours (4hrs)
  • Many colors to choose from


  • Short fins in strong currents or choppy water can cause more effort to keep moving
  • Fin strap constantly comes off and won’t lock or snap into place
  • Flippers will sink to the bottom, not good if the strap breaks
  • Stiff fins caused some ankle and foot soreness
  • May leak when smiling, or on sides of face
  • Heels straps can slide off while in diving posture
  • Fins are good for short dives, all day use best get swim socks or booties
  • Plastic ratchet on fin not a good snap or click
  • Small fins may not always fit, may need to buy larger size separately.

Cressi Combo Set Summary

The brand name Cressi has a strong customer satisfaction rating due to quality of product and cutting edge technology. Providing snorkeling and other equipment for over 70 years. These two Cressi set comparison reviews are presented objectively giving all the Features, Pros and Cons from our comprehensive research.