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Full Face Snorkel Mask Reviews (2017): We Compare The Top 5

These revolutionary masks are the most advanced innovation for people who love the adventure and beauty of snorkeling. Relaxing and exploring the seabed has become more fun with 180° panoramic views and effortless easy breathing. This unique dual airflow breathing system has solved the problems many snorkelers encounter.

Clearing a traditional mask from fog has always been difficult. With these full face masks there’s no need to tread water anymore as you try to get rid of the fog or choking on water like you would with a traditional snorkel.
tribord easybreath snorkeling mask

Table of Contents
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1. Award Winning Product
2. Comparison Table Features
3. #1 Best Snorkeling Mask
4. Tribords Technology
5. See It On The Water (Video)
6. Comparing 4 Other Brands
7. Cheaper Brands
8. How Does It Work? (Video)
9. Consumers Experience
10. Size
11. Pros and Cons
12. Conclusion








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Award Winning Product

Winning 1st place at the Oxylane Innovation awards in France, the Tribord Easybreath Full-Face Mask was the first fully integrated snorkeling mask. It features a double airflow system which makes it easy to breathe through your nose and mouth like you do on land.


 Tribord Easybreath
(Latest Version)
Seaview 180VaincreH20 NinjaThenice
Tribord full face snorkel mask
180° Panoramic View
Leak Free
Anti Fogging
Double Chamber Air
Vent Valve
Easy Breathing
Silicone Watertight Seal
Secure Lock Snorkel
2 Year Warranty

Important Safety Feature – The Tribord Easybreath 2017 version has a secure lock snorkel. This prevents the head of the snorkel from unexpectedly detaching. Competing models do not have this feature which has been a problem with the other brands we tested.

To save you time, we compare several competing brands below, rating them from 1-5 to help you choose the one that’s right for your next snorkeling vacation or even as a gift for a friend.

#1 – Tribord Easybreath Full Face Mask

After testing all 5 products on the water this brand and model stood out. This was closely followed by the Seaview 180 which has an attachment for a GoPro camera.

What Makes The Technology Of The Tribord Different To Other Masks?

The patented design of the Tribord Easybreath is what makes it both comfortable to wear and easy to use.

full-face snorkel maskThe relief valve at the bottom is the ingenious part that clears out any trapped water. No more fear of having enough air in your lungs to clear a snorkel tube of water. It’s leak free and does not fog up.

All other brands mentioned below don’t give us, the consumer, the experience we are looking for – natural effortless breathing and no leaking. The one exception is the Seaview 180 which is a good product especially if you want to use your GoPro camera to capture the experience so you can share with your friends. This is the only feature the Tribord does not have.

How Does The Tribord EasyBreath Mask Work?

In our review, we take a quick look at four other masks available. Beware though, many are not as good as the Tribord, for two reasons. They are not the original design and the double airflow system works better in the latest 2017 version of the Tribord Easybreath.

To be honest, we did not think these snorkeling masks would work as well as they do. Out of the 5 models we tested, 2 delivered well on quality and performance.

With 180° views and the ability to breathe through your mouth and nose for effortless natural breathing, these two masks are just what most surface snorkelers are looking for.

They also don’t fog up like traditional masks, are leak free and the snorkel tube has a mechanism that stops water from entering.

We recommend 2 brands that stand out in all areas compared to the rest. First the Tribord Easybreath as the best full-face mask on the market. Followed closely by the Seaview 180 which is around $20 less and has a GoPro mount.


Comparing 4 Other Brands Of Full Face Snorkel Masks

We’ve looked at four other masks and compared them with the Tribord. All these masks have tried to copy the Easybreath design, but most of them don’t deliver the natural easy breathing and leak free experience.

#2 – Seaview 180

The Seaview 180 model has an integrated GoPro mount so you can easily attach your GoPro camera. From our experience and that of over 1,400 Amazon reviewers, this is the only full-face mask that performs as well as the Tribord Easybreath.

There are some Seaview masks available without the GoPro mount. The most popular model though is the one with the attachment. If you love showing your family and friends your underwater adventures and the beautiful aquatic sea-life, we recommend this model here with Free Shipping options at Amazon.

seaview 180

#3 – Vaincre 180

The Vaincre 180 offers the same dry top snorkel system as the other models. It has a GoPro mount integrated with the mask. The silicone facial lining is not used, this keeps it air tight and prevents water from leaking in. We found that it leaked, slowly building up over a few minutes. This model also only comes in the small/medium and large/extra-large sizes.

We tested this model on the water together with the Tribord Easybreath, Seaview 180 and the other two below. It’s an average mask that does not deliver natural and effortless breathing. The field of vision is not as clear as the two we recommend. Also the snorkel head can detach unexpectedly when used in choppy water.

Vaincre 180
The last two brands below, the H20 Ninja and Thenice are just poor imitations of the original Tribord model and have problems with leaking.

#4 – H20 Ninja

This brand and model is the most expensive mask on the market. There is a big difference in price compared to its competitors.

The H20 Ninja also has an integrated GoPro mount. It has a few of the features that the Tribord Easybreath has. However we could find no reason for it to cost so much. For that reason alone, we recommend you check out the other two brands that deliver the ultimate underwater experience.


#5 – Thenice Surface Snorkel

Not much to say about the Thenice surface mask. The snorkel is too short. When we tested it, it filled with water and breathing flow blocked up when looking down due to the snorkel being too short. It fogged up and breathing through the mouth and nose was not easy. It does not have a GoPro mount included.

Cheaper Is Not Always The Better Buy

Most of us tend to shop around to find a similar or better product at a lower price. All too often though, you can end up buying a product that looks the same but is made from poor quality materials. It usually has some features missing, even though it looks very similar.

Some copies on the market have a GoPro attachment. The Tribord does not have this extra feature. The only other mask from our testing that lives up to the high standard of the Tridord is the Seaview 180 which we mentioned above.

Some companies in China are very good at replicating product designs but these replicas are often a lower quality product than the original. Selling a cheaper version of a good product can be very lucrative for a company and a tempting buy for us as the consumers. If you’re interested click here for the Best Price on the Tribord Easybreath.

Sometimes there is only a slight visual difference between the model that is a copy and the original. This makes it very difficult for the consumer to tell which is the better product. If it says Tribord Easybreath in the description and title you can rest assured it’s the original model. And the word “Tribord” is written on the snorkel.

How Does The Tribord Airflow System Work?


Full Face Snorkel Mask And Prescription Eye Wear

A question we have found that comes up a lot is whether you can wear glasses when using these masks. The straight up answer, unfortunately, is no. The arms of the glasses would break the seal and allow water to get in.

Some owners of the Tribord have commented that it magnifies the underwater surroundings to a certain extent. That may be enough to allow you to see underwater but if not, you may need to look at getting contact lenses. We have also heard of glasses being fitted with a rubber strap instead of fixed arms so that may be something you could look into.

Consumers Experience

Tribord is the original full-face mask and so all the other models that are now available are copies.

Some consumer reviews on Amazon have indicated that the copied products fog up, leak over time and are not that flexible. This flexibility is what allows the mask to make a good seal around your face to keep the water out. It also makes the mask easier to put on.

snorkeling underwater with maskIt was also mentioned that when wearing these masks, the jaw and face does not get sore from constantly holding and clenching a snorkel in the mouth. According to many reviews at Amazon, the Tribord Easybreath is an excellent product that enhances the user’s underwater experience in many ways when compared to conventional snorkels and masks.

The overwhelming majority of the reviews for the Tribord Easybreath are very positive and contain valuable information which is very useful if you’re still not sure that this is the right full-face mask for you.

Choosing Size And Color

A difference in size or color can make a difference in price. We found that some sites will sell products that differ in cost according to color or size. We couldn’t see a reason why this would happen and so we contacted the Tribord company to find out.

Their answer was, that depending on availability, shipping, production costs, and material availability the price can vary. Rather than mark all the sizes up in price, they only mark up those that cost significantly more to produce due to those factors.

This is something that is important to find out with any purchase – does the cost vary with color or size? This is also an indication that it is an original product and not a copy.

sizes for mask

What Do Customers And The Product Designers Have To Say?

Pros & Cons


  • Easier for all ages especially kids with no fear of swallowing water or reserving a lung full of air to clear the snorkel out
  • Outstanding 180° panoramic views
  • Dry Snorkel technology
  • Breathe in and out easily like you do on land
  • Highest quality silicone facial lining for ultimate comfort
  • The 2017 version has new technology that allows the top of the snorkel to stay attached
  • Highly visible snorkel that can be seen up to 4 times the distance of a regular snorkel
  • Shatterproof polycarbonate full face window


  • Cannot wear prescription glasses with the mask on, it fits too closely to the face and also, glasses will not allow for a water tight fit
  • As with most other underwater breathing devices, a beard or excessive facial hair can cause the water tight seal to leak
  • Somewhat restricted use, it is not meant for free diving or rigorous swimming. Works best for snorkeling in shallow water, limited only to your comfort in depth, as with any snorkeling device



Comparing prices between different brands and their features will help you decide if it’s worth the price. We recommend the original design, the Tribord Easybreath brand, as your best option. Closely followed by the Seaview 180 model.

Conclusion On The Best Full Face Snorkel Mask

We tested 5 brands and found the original design of the Tribord Easybreath to be of the highest quality. It gives a richer experience than other copies of the design. It is closely followed by the Seaview 180 model which, as we mentioned, has a GoPro mount.

This technology is taking snorkeling for beginners and advanced snorkelers to a new level of underwater adventure that has to be experienced on your next snorkeling holiday!

Our conclusion is that this original and patented technology, will be your best option when looking for a full-face snorkeling mask. Some brands that are similar are not the original and will not give you the best performance and experience.

The water that enters through the “Try Top” snorkel is minimal. When it does the water drains out through the purge valve located at the bottom of the mask. The designers and engineers at Tribord took 12 months to perfect this full-face mask. Thousands of snorkelers from all over the world are enjoying the easy and effortless underwater breathing and the 180° panoramic views.

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  • Caroline Muli May 10, 2017, 1:32 am

    I live in the Philippines. How much will it cost and how long will it take before I receive the product?

    • David May 10, 2017, 10:23 am

      Their are different costs depending on size and model. Between $60 and $99. We found the latest version delivers the best performance and has a 2 year warranty. If you order from Amazon it usually takes 5-8 business days. It will tell you on their website when you order.

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