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What’s The Best Kids Snorkel Set? (2022 Reviews)

Kids snorkel sets have been around for years. Some of us may remember using a mask and snorkeling in the bathtub or in the kiddy pool when we were younger. No one really ever taught us how to use them, we just learned by trial and error on our own through gulps and sputters.

In a hurry?

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Our research and testing of 5 different products told us which models and brands are the most popular for kids. This review reveals why these 3 are the best available online with hundreds of customer reviews to back up our research.

However, today many kids are using better quality snorkels, masks, and fins for reasons other than sea hunting in the bathtub. From our personal experience with our own kids, there are now several types of sets for kids available online and in stores, with many models and options to choose from.

Dorado Combo Set

Features To Look For In Your Kids Snorkel Set

If safety is a concern, and it should be if children are in or around the water, the decision of which type to purchase and use may become a little overwhelming. A review of the top few we have researched may help you to more easily make an excellent buying decision.

The new shorter fin technology is more flexible and makes it easier to kick your feet without as much ankle strength while in the water. It also makes it easier to fit small feet into the pocket, to wade in, and will not tire legs and ankles out as quickly.

Other Important Features:

  • Submersible snorkel with dry top technology assures that, in case of choppy waves or a submersion, the snorkel will not take on water. This can be a big issue in providing a confident experience when a child is using a kids snorkel mask
  • Junior size face skirt is important to look for in youth snorkel sets to assure the proper fit
  • An ergonomically shaped mouthpiece will provide less jaw and mouth fatigue
  • Easy to adjust buckles on mask and fins makes kids snorkeling gear more user-friendly
  • A single lens panoramic view with tempered glass will likely last longer than a plastic lens. Although the tempered glass is a little heavier it should not cause rubbing on the nose or face if it has a soft silicone frame. According to reviews, the glass does not provide a fog free experience so an anti-fog spray may be used
  • Trek fins, are a shorter fin good for travel and for comfortable power in the water
  • If you have never been snorkeling before the best feature is a dry type snorkel
  • Compact, easy to put on and take off. Also a convenient size which may become an issue if traveling a lot
  • A mask that seals well and doesn’t need to fit extremely tight on the face to keep out the water

With some of the above features and other criteria, we have found important. We would like to share with you and compare the top brands and models. U.S. Divers Kids Snorkel Sets specifically the Dorado Mask Combo Set and the Regal Mask Set. We will also compare the Seavenger Junior Diving Combo Set.

What Is The Best Snorkel Set For Your Kids?

When choosing the right set for your kids it may be a small challenge to factor in the experience level of the child and the quality of the snorkel. Especially if you are not a snorkeler or have no reference to using it.

Remember, the price of these sets may not indicate the quality or the safety of the snorkel and mask. Through our research and personal experience with these snorkel sets and reading other reviews on Amazon, you will be able to make the best selection in purchasing a set comparable with the expertise level of your child.

Comparing The Top Snorkeling Sets

The U.S Divers Dorado Mask combo set comes with the patented Proflex Fins. The Proflex Fin provides a comfortable foot pocket with easy-to-adjust buckles. The Trek Fins from Seavenger is also a shortfin that is great for snorkeling and bodyboarding.

Regal Combo Set

The Pivot Flex Fins Technology of the U.S. Divers Junior Regal Mask and Laguna Snorkel, this combo set is combined with the patented Trigger Fins. The Trigger is designed with a vented blade on each side. This gives better power with each push and will not cause exhaustion on the ankle and feet as quickly.

All of these smaller fins will travel well in a suitcase, and come with their own travel mesh bag that allows for good draining and proper storage of gear. We recommend that a neoprene bootie or sock be worn with any fin to make the fin much less abrasive and more comfortable on bare skin without causing blisters.

Why Is Dry Snorkel Technology Important?

The rather new technology of a dry snorkel will aid in both draining and blowing out the water with less stored breath, or it will completely block out water from entering. A purge valve will help with clearing out the collected water or saliva with little power or reserved breath.

This is an important feature, especially for a child or adult with smaller lung capacities. The mouthpiece and part of the pipe are made of silicon that is more flexible and easier to clench in the mouth and under the lips.

Between the U.S Divers Dorado Mask Snorkel Set, the Regal Mask Combo Set, and Seavenger package we recommend the U.S Divers Dorado Set for kids and beginners, this model here.
We chose this as the #1 model and brand because of the design that will not allow the snorkel to fill with water when submersed or splashed by a wave in choppy sea conditions. The other models claim they do this too. However, from our personal experience with our kids, the Dorado delivers the best underwater adventure.

In What Ways Do These Snorkel Sets Differ?

The mask, snorkel, and fins will differ in obvious ways like their sizes, safety features and most likely the colors offered. However, important ways they differ are in the safety features and ease of use. Different brands and models have taken into account the amount of time in the water, size of the child, and comfort. As we mention above the Dorado, Sea Breeze snorkel didn’t fill with water and was easier to breathe through.

The three models, that we have reviewed in this article, each consider a snorkeling experience of a child as the foremost importance of the design.

Do These Combo Sets For Kids Make A Good Gift?

A Combo set will make a great gift, but some consideration as to age, size, and experience will be important to factor in. Giving a gift of a nice snorkeling set may begin a lifelong appreciation of snorkeling, and one of the very best times to start is when they are young. As long as a good time is experienced a child will be eager to try it again in the future.

Seavenger Junior Set

Why Not Rent A Set?

Rather than pack and carry a snorkel set while on vacation, whether child or adults, some will choose to rent equipment. During our research, we found that this may be less than a good idea and advise against it. At least, for a child‘s first time experience.

Other than concerns about hygiene, having a snorkel set that does not fit properly will cause the child to have a frustrating time, especially if the mask leaks or visibility is poor. Having a comfortable mask will help the child gain confidence and in his own abilities in the water.

How Do Smaller Fins Work?

In older designs, a longer fin was thought to provide more ease on the feet and ankles and more water propelled from the flipper. In other words going faster with less effort. However, more recent designs are found to be more comfortable, especially on tinier feet.

Pros And Cons Of The Dorado Mask & See Breeze Snorkel Combo Set


  • Easy to adjust straps on the face mask
  • Dry Type snorkel
  • Self-Draining snorkel
  • Tempered glass mask with anti-fog feature
  • Purge valve on snorkel, no lung full of air to save up
  • Works with neoprene booties or socks for more comfort on little feet
    Silicone mouth-piece for a more comfortable bite and to reduce jaw pain or tiredness
  • Buying one will guarantee that it is clean and fits well, unlike renting a set


  • Little to no training received before snorkeling, this can provide for a less than enjoyable time, one that the child may not want repeated. Take classes or get training for your child if swimming in the ocean
  • Not a self-clearing snorkel, make sure it can easily purge water or saliva with little or no effort
  • If the mask is too heavy it will obviously cause some uncomfortable wearing on the face and nose
  • The mask has obstructed visibility, the better the view the better the experience (however all masks are like this)