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Pros And Cons Of Full Face Snorkel Mask Brands

Before buying a full face snorkel mask, it is a good idea to weigh up the pros and cons before deciding on snorkeling mask that suits you. What do we need when snorkeling? For instance are you a beginner snorkeler, do you have children or do you wear prescription eyewear? Do you want a dry snorkel or does a foggy mask bother you? How do you find the right mask to fit your face?

snorkeling the coral reef

We all know the best buys are online so knowing how to order the right full face mask the first time will cut down on the frustration on your end as the consumer.

No Leaks

Full face masks’ come with, and an anti-leak snorkel also referred to as a dry snorkel. In most, the top will come covered with brightly colored plastic and tightly closed design to keep water from ever getting down into your snorkel and your mouth.

The brightly colored top is also a safety feature, allowing a visual to be spotted in the water by other swimmers and boats in the area. Some snorkel masks are now coming with a special seal you lock on a snorkel to prevent the snorkel head from detaching unexpectedly and having water enter the mask. It would be a con if you are snorkeling and the snorkel portion suddenly pops off, and you have water enter your mask.

Owning a full face snorkel mask with a removable snorkel is also an easier way to keep the snorkel clean and for ease of storage and travel.

Are You Claustrophobic?

If you are claustrophobic, you may have worried about the idea of putting your face in a full face underwater mask. But, according to the reviews, since you can breathe naturally, in and out through your nose and instead of only your mouth the anxiety level is significantly reduced. Even those with significant claustrophobia are now able to enjoy snorkeling.

According to reviews, a full face snorkel mask will help those with claustrophobia and has helped many overcome this fear and enjoy a wonderful time of underwater snorkeling.

Sometimes claustrophobia can be exacerbated by a worrying about breathing and so if you or someone else has had trouble with claustrophobia in the past, using a full face snorkel mask may be the perfect answer. Due to the ease of natural breathing, your snorkeling experience will have less anxiety than if you are trying to hold a snorkel clenched in your teeth and remembering not to breathe in water through your nose.

Traveling And Storage

If you are like most of us and don’t live near the ocean or a body of water to easily snorkel, you may want to know how the mask travels and how easy it is to pack, in your luggage or your backpack. So you may wonder if all full face snorkel masks are easy to pack.

A two piece mask, meaning a snorkel and a snorkel mask does not take up less room in your suitcase or bag then does a full face mask. Most have the removable snorkel top that will nestle into the curve of the mask in your suitcase or into a backpack. The Tribord Easybreath and Seaview 180° comes with a free carry bag and are the two leading masks on the market. (click blue link to see the full review)

Wearing Glasses

One of the cons when using a full face snorkel mask is that some of them will not accommodate wearing prescription glasses. This is mainly because the arms on the glasses themselves may break the seal around the outside of the mask causing water to leak in.

As of this writing, we do not know of any way to get a prescription shield in a full-face snorkel mask. When using diving goggles and a separate snorkel, it is possible to get your prescription in diving goggles.


If you like using your GoPro camera and want to start to use it while you’re snorkeling, a full face mask is the perfect time to try it out using the Seaview 180° model. It has an action camera mount that easily attaches the camera to the top of the mask. Taking underwater pictures and movies is much easier now because of the stability of the mask it will be easier then if you are wearing just a conventional diving mask. Also, the stability of the mask makes movies and pictures less blurry.

Pros And Cons For Kids Snorkeling

Most full face snorkeling masks come in various sizes, and it is a good idea to check the size chart before ordering. A full face snorkel mask is the perfect opportunity to have kids learn snorkeling without being afraid of getting water in their mouth or their lungs.

A full face mask can look out at the surrounding underwater seabed at a 180° view window and not have any fear of swallowing water or even getting water on their face. Make sure you look for the kind of masks that do not fog up, we have only found two such masks which are the original full face snorkeling mask makers of the Tribord EasyBreath Mask and the Wildhorn Seaview 180° Mask. These have the patented no fog design that lets the mask defog as you breathe in and out.

Diving Deep

Some concerns about diving with a full face mask maybe that you can’t dive quite as far down as you can with the separate dive goggles and snorkel. There are only two masks that have the double airflow system that allows you to dive down 4-5 feet. With the old retro dive mask and snorkel tube you can dive deeper, however it is more difficult to breath using a traditional snorkel and mask.

The feeling of the full face mask as you dive down deeper is a different feeling than having the typical mask and snorkel on. You may feel a little more pressure with the full face just because it is a full face and the pressure will be on your whole face instead of just your forehead and cheeks. But after a few times, it will feel secure, and you will feel as if you could dive as far as you want. And the perk to a full face mask is that the snorkel is a dry snorkel and as you dive deep down you won’t be sucking salt water into your mouth or mask or lungs.

Underwater Headphones

Some reviews say that wearing waterproof headphones with a full face mask is possible depending on how far the mask goes back toward your ears. Most full face snorkel masks do not cover your ears so if your headphones are the type that you can wear behind your ears, and they don’t interfere with the seal of the full face mask it may be possible to where your underwater headphones.

Our Experience Using The Full Face Snorkel Mask

From personal experience the pros far outweigh the cons for using your own full face snorkel mask. Unlike the two piece dive goggles and snorkel, the full-face mask allows you to breathe naturally without fear of losing your bite on the snorkel or inhaling water.

The GoPro mount and carrying bag are also a fun option while visiting your favorite snorkeling spots. They come in a variety of fun colors and have a fit and a look for everyone in the family.

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