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Choosing Your Size And How To Look After Your Full Face Snorkel Mask

The latest Tribord full face snorkel mask has been redesigned to accommodate a wider range of face shapes and sizes, the masks come in two sizes now, the small to medium or the medium to large. The extra small size, as well as the extra large sizes, have been discontinued.

These sizes are not needed and the new design fits much better than the old style. The engineers and design team at Tribord have developed this new technology after testing many prototypes to come up with 2 sizes that will fit all shapes of faces. No other full face mask on the market fits as well as the latest version of the Tribord Easybreath.

The mask is designed to cover 90% of your face of those 10 years old and above. When trying on the mask, there should be no gap between the bottom of the mask and your chin. Through this optimization the prices of the Easybreath will be more cost effective, offering the chance for more people to purchase an Easybreath and simplifying the fitting process.

More Accessible To More People

Concerned with making not only a revolutionary mask for snorkeling and enjoying the water at any age, Tribord Subea (new brand name – Subea) has worked to make the mask more affordable to everyone. Seeking to optimize costs to the end user, they have redesigned the mask from 4 sizes down to 2 sizes, thus cutting costs of production that is ultimately passed down to the buyer.

Measure from the top of the bridge of your nose to the bottom of your chin. If it is larger than 12cm, you need to purchase a medium to large mask. If the distance is less than 12cm, you need to get the small to medium mask. The new adjusted silicone face skirt makes this now possible.

Easybreath Is Easy On And Off

No more ripping out your hair every time you take off your snorkel face mask. The Easybreath has a textile strap that is elasticated and will not pull your hair. And because of the water drainage purge valve at the bottom of the mask, a simple tilt of the head will drain out any extra water that may have seeped in over time.

The anti-fogging feature is exclusive to the Tribord Subea full face mask, the air circulation concept prevents the fog from forming inside your mask. When wearing the mask, you can breathe naturally through your nose and or mouth, further ensuring this will be the most comfortable snorkeling mask you have ever worn.

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Why A Shorter Snorkel?

Some wonder why the Easybreath mask has a shorter snorkel. In truth, the snorkel is actually longer than a ‘normal’ snorkel. It is visually deceptive because the snorkel comes off the top of the mask, unlike a snorkel that is clenched in the mouth.

The snorkel is designed to current specifications and meets all respiration standards to guarantee proper respiration. Try breathing through a garden hose, then you will understand why the snorkel cannot be any longer than it is already designed.

If you see other full face masks on the market that are promoting that the snorkel part of their mask is longer which makes it better for breathing etc. This is just a marketing concept to get you to buy their product. As we said it actually makes it harder to breathe.

Taking Care Of Your Easybreath Mask

Just like your sunglasses and the care you provide for them around sand, sand is an enemy to the mask. Take care to always rinse out your mask and snorkel with fresh, clean water. Always rinse before connecting the snorkel in place and make sure the snorkel float is free of all sand as well.

Sand inside the float within the snorkel can cause leaking and may eventually damage the float valve. Also, make sure not to rub any sand that is present on the front or the inside of the viewing window. Sand is abrasive and can scratch the window.

It is also a good idea to store your mask and snorkel in a place away from direct sunlight. This will greatly lengthen the life of your mask and snorkel. Also, as soon as you are done disassemble the snorkel from the mask and place the snorkel inside the mask. Then place both pieces inside the mesh travel bag. As soon as you are able to get to fresh, clean water rinse all parts well, including the straps and make sure no sand is trapped inside the snorkel or inside the mask.

If the maintenance of your Easybreath full face snorkel mask has not been consistent or through, the forward thinking team at Tribord has made it easy for replacement of any parts that do wear out or break. Replacements can be purchased for these parts for your full face snorkeling mask.

  • Snorkel part
  • Valve part
  • Strap part
  • White Cover

Remember never try to snap on your snorkel if you can see or feel sand! Never try to force the snorkel on, if it does not clip in easily, it is most likely that sand is present. Always rinse your mask and snorkel before assembling!

A little preventative maintenance will go a long way in bringing you many fun and awesome snorkeling adventures.

What Is Tribord Subea?

Tribord, the trusted name in underwater sports is now called Tribord Subea. Why Subea? It simply means SUB Aquatic Experiences are Amazing or SUBEA. This is just another example of how the team is dedicated to the fun of all underwater sports.