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Snorkel Mask Reviews

Full face snorkel masks are the latest innovation for people who love the adventure and beauty of snorkeling. Relaxing and exploring the seabed has become more fun with 180° panoramic views and effortless easy breathing. The new double chamber breathing system found in the latest full face snorkel mask has solved the problems many snorkelers [...]

seaview 180

The Seaview 180 snorkeling mask is one alternative to the original Tribord Easybreath that has taken the world of surface snorkeling by storm. No more gasping for air, with a snorkel full of water like when using a regular one. Featuring the same full 180-degree vision design with a full-face mask and being able to [...]


The Easybreath snorkeling mask has made exploring the underwater world and aquatic sea life more easy, fun and relaxing. No more clamping your teeth on an uncomfortable mouthpiece and sucking down a tube full of seawater. But just how does it work? Read on to find out all you need to know.   Table of Contents (click [...]

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