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Why Snorkelers From Around The World Love Their Full Face Snorkel Mask

Ever had a bad experience when you first tried to snorkel or know someone who did? Snorkeling can be a very pleasurable and relaxing past time if you have the right equipment. Some folks may think that the use of the words snorkeling and equipment sound like an oxymoron, but the wrong tools or equipment while doing anything can result is a less than disappointing experience.

So having the right equipment for any endeavor can make for a more enjoyable or productive time. Snorkeling is definitely a sport that having the right equipment will make or break the deal and cause someone to either hate the sport or love it. This is extra important for young kids who want to get into a new sport, often a bad experience can sour them for a lifetime towards that or all sports.

Comparing Full Face Snorkel Masks With Standard Snorkeling Gear

When interviewed, snorkeling instructors said that the most cumbersome part of learning how to snorkel is getting used to the equipment. You see when learning to breathe through the snorkel, we have to relearn to breathe differently. So learning a new sport and learning how to breathe differently can be more of a struggle than it’s worth.

Particularly for those with existing sinus or breathing problems, having restrictive gear on your face, nose, and mouth can bring up some Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) issues and make the whole experience too much. Learning to enjoy snorkeling is about being relaxed and at ease in the water, if you are having issues that cause anxiety, then you may never be up to try the experience again.

Standard Snorkel Gear Too Cumbersome!

Why is a standard snorkel too cumbersome? Well, the standard gear for snorkelers comprises a mask that has to fit very tight around the forehead and the sinus area just below the eyes. The compression can cause discomfort and distortion of vision in some cases. Not to mention the red goggle imprint around the mask long after you take it off.

The mask comes with or without a cover that seals the nose off from the water. Either choice can be a little daunting. With no nose cover you are more likely to forget and breathe in water through your nose, with a nose cover you also can’t breathe through the nose and if you do it will suck the mask harder to your face. Oh, and one other thing, if you do forget and exhale through your nose you will either displace the mask by breaking the seal or fog up the mask. Either scenario can be a bit upsetting.

Then there is the snorkel! This may or may not be attached to the face mask. It may also be a dry snorkel or a wet one. Most beginners will start with a dry snorkel, this is one that will have some kind of auto close valve within the snorkel top so you cannot breathe in water in case of a wave or if you dip your head forward.

How is the snorkel held in your mouth you ask? By clenching your jaws together, you keep the snorkel in your mouth. Behind your teeth sits a plastic or silicone piece that is definitely not a one size fits all kind of thing. So the first few times you snorkel, be prepared to have a sore jaw from clenching. This is not something a person with TMJ would want to try. So what is an alternative to the standard snorkeling gear?

The Top Full Face Snorkeling Mask Is The Tribord Easybreath!

There is finally an alternative to old-school snorkel gear, and it comes from Tribord. After almost 10 years of prototypes and revisions with Tribord’s own on-staff snorkelers, a full face mask was created. Taking into consideration their own comfort, Tribord’s staff snorkelers and divers perfected a completely comfortable full face mask that allows you to breathe underwater just like you do on land, through your nose, or nose and mouth if that is more comfortable.

This award-winning innovation takes snorkeling into the 21st century and begs to answer the question: Why did it take so long? The Tribord Easybreath snorkeling mask is comfortable and also gives the diver a 180-degree view of the underwater world. No more claustrophobic mask vision and no harder to breathe separate mask and snorkel. Once you try the Easybreath mask, you will never want to go back to the old retro style mask and snorkel.