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Snorkeling Vacations

If your thoughts turn to snorkeling weightless in pristine waters, when the word vacation comes up, do you consider snorkeling in paradise destinations? Or at least, you want to try it and experience what this amazing adventure has to offer. Yet, planning and picking a location may have you overwhelmed with decisions like price, gear, and destination.

You may wonder if group excursions are best, or is it more economical to plan it all on your own. Renting snorkeling equipment is also an option, but owning your own may seem like a better idea. Then, finally, where in the world to go might be the most difficult of all.

Vacations Under Water

It may seem like the hardest part to planning a snorkeling vacation, deciding where to go. If you do an online search you will have no shortage of ideas, the choices are vast and engaging photos of sea life could be overwhelming. You will find the top 10 most beautiful locations or the best vacations for the family.

You will also see many beautiful destinations for snorkeling all over the world. Each destination will have its perks for visiting, like unusual sea creatures to encounter or warm turquoise waters to float in weightless. You will see destinations with breath-taking coral reefs or ancient ships wrecks.
So, it may be easier to decide by importance, according to you or your family’s interests. The budget may be of foremost concern if you have a family to consider outfitting and taking along.

Are There Budget Destinations?

If the first concern is the budget there are many ideas to cut down on the cost of taking an entire family snorkeling. Some spots allow free or snorkeling on a budget for family groups. Of course, if you have a local spot to snorkel available, this will probably be your best bet for on a shoestring budget.

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But if a good price or vacation is found, in an area that you and your family may not be familiar with, one low-budget idea is to take a tour the first day. The subsequent days that you are there you may be able to find a cheaper way to get back out to the same spot and experience the seabed and all it’s beauty.

What Should You Know About Snorkeling Safety And Equipment?

Whether at a familiar beach or one in a distant location, safety has to be your first concern. It is always advised to go in groups or at the least, not alone. Either way, it is advised to find out about currents, sea creatures, tides, and hazards in that area. To have a safe snorkel, you may either have to go with a tour group or do your best to take all the precautions.

No one likes to think about dangers while on vacations but to know them ahead of time may make all the difference in safety. Things like were sharks or stinging jellyfish seen in the area that time of year. What to do in case of a medical emergency, even a minor one. How to contact the authorities or the closest help, possibly a lifeguard or a contact number for the coastguard or a foreign equivalent, especially important in a foreign countries.

Knowing your equipment is also very important. Having the proper gear will make or break a snorkeling vacation. Also, consider dehydration and first aid awareness, especially if small children will be there. The sun can also be a threat if not planned for, a wetsuit may be a great investment to protect from the sun.

Keeping track of your snorkel buddy, keeping an eye on the shoreline and being aware of the time in the water too are all important for safety and emergency issues.

What You Need To Know Before A Snorkeling Vacation

This will be determined by the decision of where to go and what the waters are like ahead of time. Plan to research the area or local coast where you want to go snorkeling. Make sure to talk to someone of authority and knowledge of the area. Speak with someone at the tourist council or chamber for tourism or the equivalent in a foreign country.

It is difficult to list every point to remember here, the best advice is to research the area online, speak to your travel agent or tour guide. Also, read the comments and reviews on a trusted website that rates the vacations spots and area amenities. If it is an unbelievable deal for the vacation package you may want to see if it is the off-season.

This could mean anything from storms in the area to reduced visibility in and out of the water, or it may just be a bad time to see the fish and other sea life that you want to encounter.

For instance, if you are going specifically to see manatees in the rivers or sea turtles in the cove, find out if they are there seasonally or are gone certain times of the year. All and many more of these factors may determine the cost as well as the enjoyment of your snorkeling vacation.

What Is The Waters Entrance Like?

This may seem like a silly question, but some beaches are just not accessible from the shoreline. They may have huge rocks, cliffs, lava rocks or just be unsafe to enter at all. If any of these will be an obstacle, consider hiring a boat or renting one to get to the desirable waters.

Finding these things out beforehand will help in making it an unforgettable vacation, for all of the good times and not the disappointments.

Is An All Inclusive Snorkeling Vacation Worth It?

It can be a good idea to let someone experienced, plan and handle all of the arrangements. They will know the area, the best spot and how to get back and forth from dive location, back to the hotel or cruise ship.

Make a plan, stick to it, be safe and have an awesome time. If you do, it will not be your last snorkeling vacation destination, or Island snorkeling experience but the beginning of many wonderful adventures.