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Easybreath Snorkeling Mask Review: (2022 Updated)

The Easybreath snorkeling mask has made exploring the underwater world and aquatic sea life more easy, fun and relaxing. No more clamping your teeth on an uncomfortable mouthpiece and sucking down a tube full of seawater. But just how does it work? Read on to find out all you need to know.

Award Winning Product

At the Oxylane Innovation awards, the Tribord Easybreath full-face snorkeling mask was awarded 1st place and has changed surface snorkeling forever. Making for a more enjoyable underwater experience!

Did you know that we naturally breathe through our nose, not our mouth? That’s why traditional snorkeling feels so alien to us. Trying to keep enough air in reserve to clear the snorkel so you can clear out the water when you need to also doesn’t help and is unconformable.

All that has changed now through the introduction of the innovative Tribord Easybreath mask.

Easybreath Snorkeling Mask Features

Tribord are the inventors of the Easybreath mask and also own the patent on the design. There are now several copies available on the market, some of which are quite good, but they do not have the same innovations as used in the Easybreath, this brand and model.

Our advice is to always make sure you buy a genuine Tribord mask.

The innovative technology used in the Easybreath allow it to perform unlike any other snorkeling mask. Tribord had the vision to create a mask that allows you to breathe underwater as naturally as possible. Their invention has changed everything and is packed with great features such as:

  • Nothing to clench in your mouth
  • 180° panoramic view
  • Dry top snorkel to stop water getting in when submerged
  • Breathe naturally through the mouth or nose
  • Dual air flow system to prevent fogging
  • High visibility snorkel means less bumped heads

Amazing 180° Panoramic View

The Tribord Easybreath window is much bigger and clearer than any regular snorkeling mask, so big it actually covers the whole face. This allowed Tribord to achieve one of its main goals; to provide their customers with an unobstructed 180° field of view.

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Tribord Easybreath Technology

The Tribord vision was to bring a new dimension of comfort and ease to the experience of surface snorkeling. The genius of the full-face technology took 3 years for the Tribord engineers to develop, but it was worth the wait. It does everything the Tribord team set out to do for snorkeling enthusiasts around the world.

Dry Snorkel System

Unlike the standard snorkel, the Easybreath is fitted with a special purge valve at the bottom of the mask. This makes emptying out any water as easy as raising your head above the surface. In fact, that’s all you need to do!

How Easy Is It To Breathe Underwater Using The EasyBreath Mask?

Until Tribord invented, designed and patented this full face mask with the capability to comfortably breath underwater, the experience, and adventure of surface snorkeling was quite limited. Not any more thanks to this brilliant invention.

The breathing apparatus, or snorkel, so commonly used with regular sets provided a rather uncomfortable experience for most. Not breathing in through the nose and only through the mouth can feel odd at best. For some, it is almost impossible.

We have had the pleasure of snorkeling in many places around the world. But there were two things that always bothered us. The first is the always present possibility of choking from water in the snorkel.

The second was the hygienic aspect of renting a set used by lots of other people. Not any longer though thanks to the technology of this full-face mask and dry top snorkel.

Of course, we realize that most snorkels now come with a valve that helps keep out the water, but not all do. We quickly learned that we couldn’t always count on having enough breath left in our lungs to blow out a snorkel full of water from a wave or choppy water. These problems have been solved with the invention of the dry top snorkel and respiratory system used in the Easybreath.

The way this all works seems to address most of our anxieties when snorkeling. What’s even better is that according to the majority of reviews on Amazon, there is no doubt this system works extremely well.

Anti Fog & Anti Leak Technology

The dual air-flow system makes sure that you will not experience any of that annoying fogging up of the window glass mid snorkel.

It achieves this by drawing fresh air into the mask when you breathe in and expelling the damp air you breathe out through side channels.

Similar to the way a domestic extraction fan works.

Making sure you get a good seal around the face mask is the key to making sure you don’t let water in. Tribord has made this as easy as possible with various sizes available and providing a silicone skirt all the way round.

As with all types of face masks, facial hair can present a real problem getting a good seal so the only advice we can give is to shave before going snorkeling!

Note that the Easybreath is not intended for diving or rigorous swimming. The large volume of air inside the mask prevents diving down below 5 or 6 feet without the pressure building up to uncomfortable levels.

Water Seal

The Easybreath dry top technology stops water getting into the snorkel and mask when it’s submerged or washed over by a wave.

This works by having a float inside the snorkel which rises to the top when underwater and seals the snorkel until above the surface again.

Shatterproof Technology

The mask window is made of shatterproof polycarbonate for a safe and clear 180° view. The snorkel tube is made from the same material. The mask rim is made from tough Polypropylene with a silicone skirt providing the water seal.

This simple science of ventilation is based on the existing technology used in home extraction fans. This also provides the anti-fog feature that makes the Easybreath mask so popular.

Adjustable Elastic Strap

As shown in the video above, just pull the elastic strap from either side to tighten the mask. Proper fit aids in creating an excellent watertight seal.

What Are The Dimensions Of The Mask?

On average, the mask weighs around 550g or 1.2lbs. That feels about right for a sturdy mask that is not too heavy to pack in your bag or wear in the water.

It comes in four sizes. For children aged between 10 and 12, choose the XS size. Women and teenagers would typically use the S/M size. The larger M/L and L/XL sizes will cater for most men.

To check which size you need when ordering online, measure between the bottom of your chin and the bridge of your nose with your mouth closed.

If it measures more than 13cm (5.1”), then the best choice is the large size (L/XL).

If the distance measured is between 12cm (4.7”) and 13cm then order the medium adult size (M/L).

If the distance is between 10cm (3.9″) and 12cm, order the small adult size (S/M).

Finally, if the distance is less than 10cm (3.9”) then the correct size to order is the Junior or extra small (XS).

Pros and Cons


  • Dry Top Snorkel technology
  • Breathe in and out naturally
  • Shatterproof polycarbonate full face window
  • Easier for kids, no fear of swallowing water or reserving a lung full of air to clear the snorkel out
  • Brightly colored snorkel – visible from 4 times the distance


  • As with most other underwater breathing devices, a beard or excessive facial hair can cause the watertight seal to leak
  • According to the reviews, prepare to be stopped by strangers and asked about the mask
  • Somewhat restricted use, it is not meant for free diving or rigorous swimming. Works best for snorkeling in medium to shallow water, limited only to your comfort in-depth, as with any snorkeling device
  • Cannot wear prescription glasses with it on, it fits too closely to the face and also, glasses will not allow for a watertight fit

Consumer Reviews

The ratings given on Amazon are mostly positive and seem well deserved. Experienced snorkelers commented that these masks are much more comfortable to wear and to breathe through underwater. This all adds up to having more fun and a pleasurable experience.

Reviewers also noted that they needed to adjust the mask far less than with the traditional type of mask. The anti-fog system works well for most people and nearly everyone was a big fan of being able to breathe normally. Some reviews noted that this also eliminated the jaw discomfort from biting down to keep the old type snorkels in the mouth.

Many reviewers felt that the full-face mask was a better option than the traditional mouthpiece arrangement. This was even truer when hygiene concerns were considered.

The unrestricted 180° field of view was welcomed across the board and a great improvement over old snorkeling masks.

Overall, the Easybreath gets a big thumbs up from consumers.


This breakthrough product is only sold on Amazon unless you live in the U.K. Depending on the size and color the price varies. They also have a free shipping offer.

Summary Of The Easybreath Full Face Snorkel Mask

From our own personal experience and other owners of the original Easybreath Mask, we highly recommend you get one of these.

Taking into account all the pros and cons there is little doubt that buying one for your next snorkeling adventure will make it even more special.

Since there are not many places to go to try one on, buying online from Amazon seems to be the only option for many. When buying an item that relies on getting the right size for it to work properly, make sure you know how to measure up for a good fit.

If for some reason, it doesn’t meet your expectations, there is, of course, a refund and return policy on Amazon.

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