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How Did Tribord Easybreath Make The Original Full Face Snorkeling Mask?

The evolution of this revolutionary mask took over 10 years in the design and testing. When a survey was done in some of the most beautiful snorkeling waters in the world, only 30-40% actually snorkeled. When asked why, the reasons were that snorkeling masks were uncomfortable, unhygienic and difficult to wear.

Can you believe the study revealed that the most beautiful beaches in the world, including Europe, Brazil, and China, were not being explored by snorkelers because of the fit of the existing snorkeling equipment on the market? The folks at Tribord Subea thought this was horrific and in 2007 began to design a snorkeling mask that was comfortable, reliable, hygienic and easy to use, oh and they wanted it to be attractive too!

The Metamorphosis

In the Decathlon center in France, the journey began. By poring over all the reviews and information found in the study, the Easybreath project was born. Alleviating the problematic aspects of snorkeling, and molding them into one easy to use, and to wear, mask the team had a clear focus in mind. To design a full face mask for snorkeling that addressed all the issues, make it easy and comfortable for the end user, and you have a revolutionary design.

The “Monster”

The Monster was the #1 prototype, not functional, but it showed the overall concept and gave the team the direction they wanted to see and design in a full face snorkel mask. Then came, you guessed it, The Monster #2. This was a functioning mask. However, the curved glass in the front of the mask gave the wearer nausea and disturbances in the field of view. This was not considered a failed attempt because the valuable information regarding the design of the face glass was an important find. This can still be found in Tribord Subea fakes on the market today.

Prototype #3 was important because the curved glass was remodeled and flat glass was now permanently designed into the mask, then nausea and the visual disturbances were eliminated. However, version #3 had fogging issues. So back to the drawing board, although the team had made some important design changes, the fogging issue was one that the team at Tribord Subea would not let go without solving this issue.

Prototype #4 was the on going attempt at solving the fogging problem. The team, on #4, focused on the actual air flow into and out of the mask. This would solve the fogging problem, but care was focused on making sure the mask was still water tight. So how do you get the air to flow into and out of a mask that is still functional and comfortable? You continue to design prototypes until you design the most revolutionary mask that the diving industry has ever seen.

Prototype #5 is the last prototype and is fully functioning, and the final design can be much better seen, and the final product was just within reach. With this version, any of the design flaws or bugs were worked out before the final version #6 was designed.

The Tribord Subea Easybreath Mask Was Born

With version #6 the full operational mask was designed and hit the market. The team’s vision all along was developing a way to see and breathe underwater the same way you would breathe and see on land. The mask covers your eyes, nose, and mouth so you can not only see but breathe the way you do on land.

It was never comfortable to hold a mouth piece gripped between the teeth or to breathe only in and out through your mouth. Remember the last time you had a stuffed up nose from a cold or allergies? Not the most comfortable way to breathe right? So why would it be any different to breathe that way underwater, while you are trying to have a fun and relaxing time? Thank goodness the team at Tribord knew that was a problem and endeavored to find another way.

The Stats From The Final Product

So, although we have discussed 6 separate prototypes, there were actually 30 prototypes in all, and the team had over 50 people designing, testing and redesigning over 7 years. 10 years later from the very beginning in 2007, when the team had their first dream, we can benefit from all of their hard work and purchase the latest 2017 version that out performs any knock off on the market today.

Important too is the fact that there are many imposters out there that attempt to make and sell this revolutionary snorkel mask, offering it for a lower price. But, remember there is only one patent for this mask, so there is only on genuine Easybreath, and it is by Tribord Subea. To be absolutely sure your buying the original Tribord Subea Easybreath mask, make sure it has either Tribord or Subea written on the snorkel head.

Check out the mask that was years in the design and making. Just as there are a variety of colors of underwater life, so too the team designed many attractive colors all with an easy to pull on and off strap, and comfortable water skirt that keeps the water out of the mask yet doesn’t squeeze your face and leave those funny mask lines on your face.