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US Divers Snorkel Set Review: Are They The Best Brand?

The US Divers snorkel set is a quality product, regarded by many experienced snorkelers as the top snorkeling set for adults and kids at a reasonable price. Great for beginners because of the splash top with their special Hydro-Adhesion technology that keeps water from entering the snorkel.

Our personal experience on our underwater adventures revealed to us which is the best price and model. We tested 3 different brands, US Divers, Cressi and Seavenger. The US Divers package was the best followed closely by Cressi.

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We review the top two US Divers combo sets to save you time jumping from site to site looking for more information.

#1. U.S Divers Snorkel Set Cozumel (best overall)

u.s divers snorkeling set

Main Features

Having a dry top snorkel was one of the highest rated features to choose when buying a snorkel. A dry top snorkel can be bought separately, from just about any snorkel gear vendor, but the best option we found was buying the face mask, snorkel and fins together.

The fins have a full foot pocket which means more comfort on the foot and ankle when kicking. They also have a 3-way buckle that adjusts easily and quickly and fully vented blades the length of the fin for more control and speed in the water.

Finding a comfortable seal in a face mask, also called a skirt, is important to consider. When the skirt is made of silicone it is much more comfortable than the standard PVC mask. Silicone will also hold up better in saltwater than will the PVC, or plastic type skirt. The the top U.S. combo set masks are made with silicone for a leak free experience and superior comfort.

Features Of The Adult Cozumel Mask Set

tropical water diving

The Adult Cozumel mask and combo set, this model here is made by US Divers, an established and trusted name in water sports gear. This set comes with:

  • 2 Window Mask – For a full clear view
  • Seabreeze II Snorkel with Splash Top – Soft Silicone Mouthpiece
  • Comfortable Fins with open blade designed to give each kick power
  • A Sturdy Mesh Bag with shoulder straps – great for drying the set and traveling

How Is The Cozumel Mask Set Different From The Admiral LX Set?

These two models are around the same price range and both have a two-window mask, but the similarities mostly end there. The snorkel on the Admiral is 100% submersible with Pivot Dry Technology. The Hydro-Adhesion technology, on the Cozumel, is a splash-top design that aids in keeping out most of the water but is not able to boast a 100% dry submergibility. No snorkel does.

The fins with the Cozumel set have full foot pockets, which will accommodate several size feet. The Admiral set has dual-composite fin blades with adjustable straps that helps stop rubbing, chafing and fatigue. The dual-composite will also act and react quicker and faster in the water.

#2. U.S Divers Admiral LX Set

u.s snorkel sets

The unique shroud hooding the top of the snorkel is the technology behind the Hydro-Adhesion splash top (Cozumel Set). This shroud functions as a drain and routes the splashed water to the outside of the tube.

This is a very nice feature and a large improvement from older snorkels that needed a large lung full of forced air to clear the tube of water. You will appreciate this feature if you are a small person, and do not have the adequate lung capacity to blow out the full snorkel of water.

The Hydro-Adhesion splash top design received better Amazon reviews than the snorkels with a check valve. A check valve, sometimes called a purge valve, is a one-way release valve right below the mouthpiece of the snorkel.

Soft Silicone

The mouthpiece and the face mask skirt are made from soft silicone, providing a comfortable fit on the face and an easy bite on the mouthpiece. The soft bite reduces fatigue in the jaw, the snorkel also attaches securely to the mask.

diving the coral reef

The mask seals well on a ‘normal’ to narrow type face. A wider type face may need a large or the largest mask. Typically, we find that if you wear large sunglass frames you will want to order the bigger mask.

Quality Bag With Shoulder Straps

The mesh bag that comes with these set is sturdy and is easy to carry with its shoulder strap. Some use it as a carrying case when hiking to a secluded cove or diving area. It’s great to hold the gear together and is light and easy to pack in a suitcase.

Large Surface Area On Fins

From our personal use and research, we found a few people commented the blades were a little longer and have more surface area than other fins sets  (Cozumel). This was a mere observation not a complaint from users.

We found that seasoned snorkelers liking more surface area to gain more control in rougher waters. Some did complain of more fatigue in the legs and ankles. A vacationer in Mexico commented that the fins have two times the surface area of the tourist-sized type rental fins.

U.S Divers Combo Set Sizes

It was clear that the combined sizes in the snorkel set do not fit everyone. This is no surprise since most of us are not one-size fits all. Again, the sizes offered in the sets are an average size for the categories of large, medium and small.

A water tight seal between mask and face will depend on size of face, bone structure and the amount of facial hair between the skirt, or seal, of the mask and face.

The comments and complaints were highest when talking about the fins. Some said the fit was perfect while others said they were too big or too small. Fins purchased separately might be worth considering if this is the case. We feel the tightness of the fins do matter more if diving to deep levels, but we found it not to be a huge concern in shallow water or surface snorkeling.

Better Than Renting

Owning your own snorkel set is appealing for those not liking the idea of using a snorkel that strangers have used. Others liked the idea of a custom fit instead of hoping to fit into a one size fits all mask and fins at a rental place. We find on average it will pay for itself after about two full set rentals.

Proflex Fins

So, let’s talk about fins. Fins really have changed over the years, from a large heavy flipper type paddle to a smaller more hydrodynamic fin. These smaller lighter dual-composite fins, like the Proflex fins, are more comfortable to wear and cause less fatigue on the legs, the ankles and the arch of the foot.

A foot pocket, the place that your foot slides inside the fin, is also an important feature. It can understandably be a concern if the swim fin causes blisters on your foot or ankle. If your fins do have this tendency, some folks have found that a swim sock or water sock really helps.

If you have a poor fit, it may be that the fin and shape of the foot pocket is the wrong size. So when buying online, check the return policy of each company, when buying through sites like Amazon they guarantee a swift credit, return or refund of merchandise.

Consumer Reviews

We focused on the two US Divers models. The first is the Cozumel Mask and Snorkel Set. It is smaller, measuring in at about 13 inches, or about a third of the length of old fashioned fins, and weighs only 2 pounds. The Admiral Mask and Snorkel Set measures almost 20 inches long and weighs in at a little over 4 pounds.

If you are looking for a superior panoramic view on your next underwater adventure and one of their top models, we also recommend the highly rated US Divers Panoramic View Platinum Set on Amazon

The consumer reviews have revealed the pros and cons about either snorkel set. Some like the longer fins for more control in faster water while other think the shorter fins are lighter and easier to swim with.

If you didn’t realize thousands of snorkeling enthusiasts are using the latest innovative technology, the full face snorkeling mask is making breathing underwater easy as breathing on land.


We did not find many other options for accessories when buying these snorkel sets. But the one accessory, or additional buy, that was recommended were water socks or water booties to wear inside the fin. Some found that it helped with comfort on the feet and heels during long dives.


Both these U.S. diver models deliver the best experience from personal use, and are a very good price with high customer satisfaction. The price difference for the Cozumel set starts at about half the price of the Admiral. We also find that the best deal with shipping and great customer reviews were found on Amazon. There are options for free shipping too.

Pros And Cons


  • Quality silicone lasts much longer when exposed to sun, sand and salt water
  • Goggles don’t let in water
  • Fins fit just right
  • Convenient shoulder strap attached to mesh gear bag
  • The fins foot pockets are comfortable
  • Soft silicone mouthpiece is comfortable
  • Comfortable face mask skirt
  • Purging valve in the mask allows water to easily expel
  • Good quality and a durable snorkeling set
  • Submersible snorkel with a brightly colored tip and easy water purging
  • Virtually no fogging of the mask because of the design


  • The snorkel’s mouthpiece does NOT come off to replace the one on a second stage regulator for diving
  • Mask won’t suction to your face
  • Available only online so measure carefully to get a proper fit
  • Mask can leak a little

U.S. Divers Snorkel Set Summary

This review is meant to help you make an informed decision as to what type of snorkel set is right for you or your family. Also, remember good safety measures, they are foremost for enjoying your underwater experience on your next snorkeling vacation.

This US divers snorkeling set review focused on the US Divers brand simply because we found that they rated highest in the review ratings and that the company has been around for over 70 years and know their equipment.